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We're crazy dog people who love their pups like you do, and we're on a mission to change the treats they eat. After growing discouraged by the number of recalls, misleading marketing, and googling of mystery ingredients, we decided to take the situation into our own kitchen. Several failed baking attempts put us on the hunt for a treat mix we could bake at home that was nutrient dense, responsibly sourced, and easy to use. Nothing we found hit the mark. Devoted to the idea of a healthier treat and unique nurturing experience for dog parents everywhere, we set off to create our own solution.

Meet Wagadō: a whole new feel-good way to pamper your fluff nugget.

Wagadō (wag-ah-doe) is the world’s first superfood-packed dog treat mix. Each pouch is filled with a passionately curated lineup of responsibly sourced whole foods that are loaded with the vitamins and nutrients every pup deserves. Oh, and the flavors are doggone delish.

Join the movement and bake for your dog - they deserve it. 

Smooches To Your Pooches,




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