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Meet The World's Healthiest Dog Treat Baking Mix

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We're crazy dog people who love their pups like you do, and we're on a mission to change the treats they eat.  

Obsessed with the idea of a healthier treat and unique bonding experience for dog parents everywhere, we set off to create a unique nurturing experience that offers peace of mind - no more second guessing who/what/where when it comes to the treats you serve up for fido. 

Meet Wagadō: a whole new feel-good way to pamper your fluff nugget.

Wagadō is the world’s first superfood baking mix for dogs! We fill each pouch with a premium lineup of responsibly sourced ingredients that are nutrient dense and 100% wag-worthy. Just add coconut oil + water, mix, and bake up fresh treats! 

Join the movement and bake for your dog - they deserve it. 

Smooches To Your Pooches,



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